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Chloe (age 13)

Chloe is finally enjoying the traditional middle school life. It’s so much more busy and drama filled than she’s used to, but I’ve told her that is completely normal for middle school. Last year was truly an anomaly with the hybrid school and then online school so she didn’t get a true taste of what it was like until this year. They even had block schedules last year so this is the first year she is walking to all 7 classes throughout the day. It’s been a good change of pace and she’s started to blossom socially.

She comes home on the bus every day and gets right to work babysitting the younger kids. She is really liking the bonus to her piggy bank by helping out every day, but is also learning that it can be hard work. So far, however, the benefit of being able to purchase some new things for her room are outweighing the cons.

Chloe is still playing French horn and singing in choir (both regular and before school Saber Singers). She is also still going to youth group on Wednesday nights and volunteers in the kids classes on Sunday morning.

This past weekend we went out together and searched for a new dresser for her room. Up until this point she has been sharing a dresser with Maddie so we agreed to purchase her a new one. We scoured the furniture stores and after much debate she chose one from the clearance section (whoo hoo for my pocketbook!). But it was the style she liked so she didn’t care that it was on clearance.

But the biggest news in her world is that she has recently made a great new friend named Laney. And bonus–she’s actually in our neighborhood! She lives just around the corner from us on the same street. She’s been a piano student of mine for a few years, but they hadn’t really talked until now because they are one grade apart. But thanks to traditional middle school mingling they have the same lunch hour and discovered that they get along really well!

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  1. Chris Fritz

    Awesome about her new friend! She is growing up so fast. Or so it seems from afar. I’m glad she is getting more comfortable with middle school. Having a friend to look forward to having lunch with every day must really help.

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