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Josiah (age 10)

Josiah is becoming an avid reader this year. The Maud Heart Lovelace book challenge that they do in 4th grade has been the catalyst (just like it was for Chloe). He was the FIRST in his grade to finish all 10 books and is now reading through the Percy Jackson series.

He just finished up flag football last weekend which was just on Saturday mornings and is now participating in a chess club that meets before school on Wednesday mornings. Today was his first meeting, so I’ll find out soon how that went! He was a little nervous about going this morning–but his friend Aditya is also in it, so I think they’ll have loads of fun.

Josiah continues to be a talented piano player. And although he does not always enjoy practicing, he has rounded the corner of not complaining as much about it, which is fantastic. 😉 Here’s a recording of him playing a song last month:

The Gathering Storm

Math is probably his favorite subject. He loves being challenged with new math problems and is excited to be in both High Potential Math and Reading at school.

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  1. Chris Fritz

    Fantastic piano performance!! He continues to amaze me.

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