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Madison (age 6)

Our Miss Maddie Mae is still full of boundless spunk.

She is starting to read more and discovering how fun it is to be able to look around and read things she can see. I’ll hear her sounding out signs when she’s in the car and labels/things she can find at home. I’ll often find scraps of paper with random words or times written on them. Just the other day she sat at the digital clock and was writing down every minute as it changed. So her paper said: 12:31, 12:32, 12:33, 12:34, 12:35, 12:36, etc. 🙂

Maddie is into all things girly still. She loves dressing up and playing princess. She loves kitties and puppies and she also loves playing with all of her siblings. She is also the MOST affectionate of all our kids and would snuggle all day if possible.

She is also playing piano and has finally rounded the corner of starting to “get it.” She’s now practicing more independently now and is excited about the upcoming recital. Here she is playing a song from last month that she worked on for a while. (Sorry she’s in her pajamas…. we always practice in the morning before school and sometimes that means playing in pajamas still!)

Her favorite thing is probably making up songs and singing them at the top of her lungs. But brace yourself: her songs can go on and on and on… and she joyfully will sing out all her emotions. Just the other day she was singing about how she wants a dog. The lyrics went something like this: “I want a dog, I really really really really want a dog, and it doesn’t matter what color, and it doesn’t matter what kind, and it doesn’t matter if it poops a lot, and it will be so nice, and I will hug it and kiss it every day.” Ha!

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  1. Chris Fritz

    Beautiful job on her song!

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