Goodbye, June. Hello, July!

The kids didn’t get out of school until June 10th, so by the time we hit “summer” here it was already mid June, so it makes sense to me that June felt like it really whizzed by. We filled it with all sorts of things (trying to jam as much fun as possible this year!)

So, what did we do in June, you ask?

  • Played in our friend’s pool
  • Celebrated Maddie’s 6th Birthday!
  • Trip to the beach with Auntie Jen
  • Abby’s Graduation party
  • Dentist cleanings for all kids (which was actually a highlight for M & L)
  • Well-child visit for Maddie
  • Celebrated Chloe and Josiah getting baptized!
  • Watched the Baker kids perform with their marching band (so cool!)
  • Kids went to Valleyfair with Tim
  • Summer Bible study for me with my friends (the kids to play with their friends though too, so everyone is having fun)
  • Women’s Bible study (I’m leading this one at the church)
  • More graduation parties for my students
  • Went to the nearby farmers market to support our friends who just opened a plant business. I should see if I can post a link…
  • And loooooooots of playing outside and in the sprinkler.

All in all, a pretty good start to our summer. Here’s to more fun in July! We’re just a day away from Nana & Bumpa visiting, so we are pumped about that. Eeeks!