Monday Check-in and (you guessed it…) ANOTHER cake!

Monday Check-in and (you guessed it…) ANOTHER cake!

Well, it feels like it just wouldn’t be a Monday unless I showed you another cake. Tee hee! So, here you are! But in my defense, this one was requested by Jen and we didn’t eat any. It was for her friend’s Birthday. I was actually really bummed about this one, because I tried doing a larger flower pattern and discovered I didn’t have enough of the piping tips that I needed… so I had to scrape it off half way through and start over. Plus it wasn’t turning out as nicely as I wanted… It was a good lesson in how it’s never too late to start over. 😉

Weight Check-in: I actually had a pretty good weekend, but our supper on Sunday night was really salty (frozen pizza and chips) so I was not down this morning. I know it sounds like an excuse, but I was actually lower on Saturday and Sunday, so I’m sure it was a temporary weight. HOWEVER, I didn’t let myself take any chain links off my chain today since I officially weigh the same as last week today.

Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020

This was a unique year.

Normally if Halloween were to fall on a Saturday night, a Full Harvest moon, with no snow on the ground AND daylight saving tossed into the mix kids would have been crawling all over town. It would have been teeming with kids!

But when we went out this year it was incredibly empty.

On a side note: I just love the sense of community on Halloween. I love watching all the kids running up and down the street and the parents mulling around behind them talking to neighbors they haven’t seen in a while. Or groups of families huddled around a little bonfire in someone’s driveway, thankful for the warmth. While I do not agree with some parts of Halloween, I do agree with community and believe in the freedom to let kids dress up. And candy. I believe in eating candy. 😉

The kids decided to dress up as:

Chloe – Queen of Hearts
Josiah – Mario
Madison – Wonder Woman
Levi – A Dragon!

Of course, Jen was here (because it was a Saturday!) and also because she is the Captain Trick-or-Treater. Hah! She is the one that pushes the kids to go faster and further when they are out. Don’t worry, everyone has fun. 😉 We were able to have even more fun this year with a sleepover with Ali and Stephanie! Oh, and Abby came over to trick-or-treat with us too! The more the merrier!

It was crazy windy when we started, but the wind died down after an hour or so. We had the biggest amount of candy we’ve ever collected–mostly because there were hardly any people out and about, but there were still a lot of houses giving out candy. So the ones that did get kids were a bit more generous.

But enough talk, let’s get to the pictures!

(Update: I’m having a hard time adding pictures. The site is being wonky. I’ll put those up tomorrow)

Monday Check-in and another cake!

Monday Check-in and another cake!

We had some frosting left over from our cake adventure last weekend, so Chloe asked if she could make a decorate a cake herself. She only needed a tiny bit of help (and some helpful tips to make things easier) and I was super impressed with how lovely it turned out. And it tasted good to boot!

Pretty spectacular for her first cake, wouldn’t you say?

Weight loss update: I’m down another 2 pounds this week bringing me to 185. Only one more pound until I reach my first 20 pounds! And in more exciting news I was able to move into my next size jeans. Boo yah!

Monday Check-in and Mermaid Cake!

Monday Check-in and Mermaid Cake!

I don’t know where last week went! I blinked and here we are back at Monday again! I WILL do the Halloween post this week still. Sorry about that…

This weekend I made an adorable Mermaid cake for one of our friend’s daughters who is turning 7 tomorrow. She had no opinion on it–I basically just made it for fun and asker her what her favorite color was (gold!) and then went off of that. Frosting a cake in gold is pretty tricky, so I decided to just make the focal point gold. 😉

I think it turned out super fun!

The mermaid tail is a paper plate cut and white frosting smoothed over it then sprinkled in edible gold. It was delightfully sparkly, but you can’t really capture that in pictures…

She really liked it.

Weight Check-in: I lost another 2 pounds this week bringing me firmly into the 180’s (187 to be exact)! I’m pretty stoked about that. And Tim is into his off-season and starting to make healthier food choices, so it’s starting to get more fun being able to eat healthy together. My chain is ever so slowly shrinking!

Josiah Flag Football 2020

Josiah Flag Football 2020

Josiah was able to be in a flag football league this Fall.  He absolutely loved it.  They met on Saturday mornings for an hour and a half (30 min practice and then an hour long game against another 3rd grade team).    All season Tim took him to his practices because I had the Littles and sometimes Baker’s piano lessons. It just made more sense for one of us to stay behind.

This past weekend was his final game of the season.  Chloe and I decided it would be fun to watch him play on his final day–so we bundled up (it was COLD) and drove him out.  They cleared off a nearby football stadium for them to practice (since most things were covered in snow here).  It was so much fun watching him work with his teammates and practice and get excited for his friends doing a good job.  It was all very fun.  Well, fun and cold.

He asked me to record him playing a little of the game–so he could show Tim later.  I recorded ONE play of the game.  And wouldn’t you know, it just happened to be the play where he got the ball and ran it for a touchdown!  Boo yah!  Pretty epic.

P.S. Don’t mind my crazy Mom cheering… you’re welcome to watch it on mute.  Hahah!  I especially love his little dance at the end with his friends.



Monday Check-in

Monday Check-in

We had our annual Pumpkin Party this weekend.  This was the first time we’ve had snow on the ground for our party… it made it a little more difficult to keep all the kids entertained.  It’s much easier when the kids can go outside to play!  Although we did have some tables and a heater set up in the garage so the kids could carve pumpkins if they wanted to.

I love this picture that we got at the haybales:

Also, one of the gals taught me how to use Publisher to make my next scrapbook.  I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know how to use it already… but I’m super stoked to try it now!   Apparently I’ve been using Word like Publisher and was frustrated at the lack of options I could get (because I should have been using Publisher and not Word).  Huh.  Who knew!?

Weight loss update: Well, due to the party and my social eating (which I knew would happen) I didn’t go down today.  I just held steady.  Which is good.  I’m back on track today, though.  So, I’m hoping for some great progress this week!!!

Update on the snow

Update on the snow

Well, it continued snowing most of the day yesterday.  It was the most gorgeous fluffy flakes, falling lazily all day.  And boy was it a lot of snow.  In total we got at least 8 inches (more really, because it was melting as it landed…) and while it is slowly sinking into the ground it’s not melting terribly fast.

Maddie was super nervous that the snow would all melt away during the night, but I don’t think she needs to worry about that!  It doesn’t look like the weather is going to jump back up much at all and we might even have more snow coming on Sunday.  It looks like we might have a snowy Halloween after all!

After we dropped Maddie and Josiah off on the bus this morning, Levi really wanted to sit on the snowy bench at the park.  He thought it was sooooooo funny.

He cracks me up!