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MEA Break

The kids are off school the rest of this week so they have been enjoying a more relaxed pace in their days. Chloe is normally up and out the door at 7:00 or just before, so it’s been nice to have some days to sleep in a little. Tomorrow night my evening lessons all moved up to earlier in the day, so I’ll have an unusual Friday night free with the kids. That will be fun!

In other news, Levi is just loving Preschool. He actually had school still yesterday (Wednesday) even though all of the other kids had it off and it didn’t phase him at all. He happily skipped right off to school. Sometimes I’ll get pictures of what they’re doing at preschool and this was one of the great pictures they took. If you look closely he’s spelled his name on the board!

Whoops! Catching up on posts!

The days got ahead of me this weekend/week so I’m going to post a few pictures on the days I missed. So, feel free to scroll down to see anything you might have missed.

We’re currently waiting on the windows to come in. They were supposed to be in last week. Then they told him they would be in yesterday… and now they told him they will be in on Monday.

So, fingers crossed they don’t move the delivery date AGAIN!

Everything is linked like a domino chain to the windows. We need the windows in so he can finish the siding, and then the insulation and then the inspector and then the drywall…etc.

Adorable Kiddos!

I just had to post this picture of the kids–it’s too cute not to share. Grandma Patsy and Grandpa Earl just got back from a trip to Yellowstone National Park and she brought them shirts!

(And don’t be fooled that my kids take perfect pictures every time–you should know that this perfectly wonderful shot took 9 tries…. Ha! But it was so worth it, wouldn’t you agree?!)

House Update (10/18/21)

Nothing super exciting to post today, except the electricians are here putting in light switches, outlets and smoke detector hook ups. That’s definitely exciting for an adult, but not thrilling for the kids. I thought it might be fun to see how the kids rooms look currently (with the plastic walls).

Also, I get a huge kick out of the fact that when the kids go to bed Chloe’s disco nightlight shines through the plastic into the hallway. This is only a problem you can have if you have plastic walls!

House Update (10/15/21)

Today he broke through the hallway FOR REAL! Again, he sealed it back up pretty quickly because there are no windows, so it’s chilly… but I was able to snap a picture to see what it’s going to look like! I LOVE it!

And for bonus fun here’s a comparison of the top of the stairs before/after

House Update (10/13/21)

Marc (our contractor) did indeed break through some of the walls today, but then he sealed them back up before I was done teaching… ha! It’s getting quite chilly at night, and the windows aren’t in yet, so leaving it open to the kids rooms was a bad idea. Which is why he sealed them (temporarily) back up. I was so anxious to see into the new addition, but I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer. The kids are excited though because today we had to shift their beds around to get them away from the walls that are getting closets taken out and closets put in. They can now see into each others bedrooms (through plastic, so they can’t REALLY see much, but it’s still the idea that they are looking right into their rooms!) which is a fun change.

I did go up into the addition tonight and I was able to walk into the closet spaces and laundry room space to get a feel for things. It’s going to be so amazing.

House Update (10/12/21)

Eeeks! We have a roof! He has the bulk of the house sealed up (it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so he really wanted to get that done before that) so they put on shingles today and just have a tiny bit left on the roof. The “brow” is still left. That’s the front peak of the house that will go in front of Josiah’s bedroom. That will really tie in the new part to the old part making it look cohesive. I’m super excited to see that.

Of course, there is a little bit of difference between the old singles and the new shingles, but that is just life. You can’t replicate wear and tear. But it’s really only noticeable right now since it’s all fresh and we’re looking down at the house a lot.

He might break through into the house tomorrow to start on the hallway. Super exciting!

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