Last night we had a pretty severe storm system roll through our area. The sirens went off a few times and there was strong winds, rain and even hail. The hail is where I got nervous. I was actually still teaching at that time, so we decided to head to the basement for a little bit. Tim was our watch-man keeping us safe and updated. 🙂

Here’s some of the hail we got–and this was after 30 min of melting:

Meanwhile, Chloe was at youth group across town.

Of course, when she went to youth group, it was fine weather out… but she was there long enough for things to really develop and get messy. They actually wouldn’t let the kids leave at 8:00 (when they were supposed to) because the tornado warning was still in effect. They wouldn’t release the kids until the warning expired at 8:30.

Needless to say, she was a bit of a nervous wreck. She doesn’t do well with storms to begin with and then she was in a different place… plus it was a loud storm… plus her phone died (she forgot to charge it) so she couldn’t communicate with us as much as she would like. Don’t worry, though, her friend is my student so we were still able to talk with Chloe through her. 😉

This morning we went out to check on the damage. We do have siding chipped, probably some roof damage and the hail broke a bunch of our screens on the front of the house. Fun, fun. No trees damaged though. And his car, that was in the driveway, also seems to be fine. So that’s a relief!

It was an exciting night for sure!