Today is a day we’ve been anxiously waiting for in the Friesen household. This was the day we told the kids (months and months ago!) that we would start on our addition to our house! Whoo hoo!

Every time we would talk about the house addition (adding the two bedrooms over the garage so every kid can have their own room) the kids would ask, “when does it start?” and the answer was always, “October.”

Now, as adults we know that saying that work starts in October could mean it starts on October 1st or October 31st or anywhere in between. But to kids if we said the work starts in October it meant that it starts on the very first day of October. So, the count was on all year to this date.

And we made it!

(Note: As a bit of a let down, technically no work was done today. The electrician was out a week and a half ago to move and add onto the box to the house, so that’s when things started and then stopped. They are coming on Monday to really start. I think that’s when the roof will come off of the garage! Exciting!)