Marc (our contractor) did indeed break through some of the walls today, but then he sealed them back up before I was done teaching… ha! It’s getting quite chilly at night, and the windows aren’t in yet, so leaving it open to the kids rooms was a bad idea. Which is why he sealed them (temporarily) back up. I was so anxious to see into the new addition, but I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer. The kids are excited though because today we had to shift their beds around to get them away from the walls that are getting closets taken out and closets put in. They can now see into each others bedrooms (through plastic, so they can’t REALLY see much, but it’s still the idea that they are looking right into their rooms!) which is a fun change.

I did go up into the addition tonight and I was able to walk into the closet spaces and laundry room space to get a feel for things. It’s going to be so amazing.