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Whoops! Catching up on posts!

The days got ahead of me this weekend/week so I’m going to post a few pictures on the days I missed. So, feel free to scroll down to see anything you might have missed.

We’re currently waiting on the windows to come in. They were supposed to be in last week. Then they told him they would be in yesterday… and now they told him they will be in on Monday.

So, fingers crossed they don’t move the delivery date AGAIN!

Everything is linked like a domino chain to the windows. We need the windows in so he can finish the siding, and then the insulation and then the inspector and then the drywall…etc.

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  1. Chris Fritz

    Ah, yes. Waiting for materials can certainly slow things down. And it is particularly bad now, since there seems to be a shortage of everything. All we need is a simple exterior shop door and do you think we can find one?? We would have to order one for $300+ dollars and we certainly aren’t going to do that.

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