It’s glorious today. A lovely 63 degrees and sunny. It’s wonderful.

My studio gets the afternoon sun, so it gets quite stuffy and hot at about 3:00 with the sun streaming in. I’ll admit that I’ve already had to turn on the air conditioner a little bit to cool my studio off… tee hee!

The kids are off of school today so they’ve enjoyed a trip to the park. It was just the perfect day for it. I really need to get outside and start cleaning up the flower beds this weekend. I also think I’m going to pay the kids to rake the yard this year. They are totally old enough to do it and we need a little “fluffing” to our grass

I can tell I’m really out of practice writing. I’m quite disjointed. I’ll work on it.

I’m helping pull together a ladies event at our church this month (on May 21st). It’s a women’s conference with speakers streamed in from the I.F. Gathering that was held in early March in Texas. It’s a great combination of inspiring speakers. I’m also helping lead a small worship team at the event. It should be awesome. And now that it’s finally May, officially, I feel like I can start getting things rolling.