We’re at a bit of a standstill with the house since the windows have yet to arrive. I think the insulation is supposed to go in this week, but beyond that we’re just waiting. I really can’t complain since everything has really been trucking along just swimmingly until now. And the best part about the last few days was that Tim and our plumber friend have the plumbing for the upstairs laundry room all roughed in so the inspector can come take a look today. The kids just loved being able to go in and out of the addition over the break. Maddie and Levi found a couple remnant plastic pipe pieces and were stepping on them fast to make them spin. They thought that was so hilarious (and it was great coordination practice for Levi to step on it just right).

Since there won’t be much to update on the house, I thought this would be a good week to highlight each kid and how life is going for them. With all the house stuff I haven’t really posted too much about anything else, so I’ll write about each kid on a day this week.

But before I go, would you like a walk through of the addition? I took a video this weekend so we can remember it before it had walls. I hope you don’t get too motion sick–I tried to turn slowly!