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Day: May 6, 2022


It’s glorious today. A lovely 63 degrees and sunny. It’s wonderful.

My studio gets the afternoon sun, so it gets quite stuffy and hot at about 3:00 with the sun streaming in. I’ll admit that I’ve already had to turn on the air conditioner a little bit to cool my studio off… tee hee!

The kids are off of school today so they’ve enjoyed a trip to the park. It was just the perfect day for it. I really need to get outside and start cleaning up the flower beds this weekend. I also think I’m going to pay the kids to rake the yard this year. They are totally old enough to do it and we need a little “fluffing” to our grass

I can tell I’m really out of practice writing. I’m quite disjointed. I’ll work on it.

I’m helping pull together a ladies event at our church this month (on May 21st). It’s a women’s conference with speakers streamed in from the I.F. Gathering that was held in early March in Texas. It’s a great combination of inspiring speakers. I’m also helping lead a small worship team at the event. It should be awesome. And now that it’s finally May, officially, I feel like I can start getting things rolling.


Well, hello there!

It’s May. We’ve finally made it through the depressing and long winter months. My one tulip in the front flower bed popped up this past week. I enjoyed the vibrant green leaves… right up until the rabbits munched it down to the ground. Now I’m sad. I need to invest in some chicken wire apparently.

I also noticed our trees have finally started to get some buds. Oh, and the box elder bugs are back in force. A true sign of Spring. 😉

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