Today the popcorn ceiling was put up in the hallway–so it matches the rest of the upstairs hallway. It was done pretty quick, but boy did it SMELL BAD.

We’re not sure why it smelled so bad, but we had all the windows open, fans blowing and candles in every room. By the time we went to bed it was finally bearable. It was just the strangest thing.

This is picture to remind myself someday of the smell and the massive fan we had set up upstairs. Tim even ran out to the store to buy a big candle in the middle of the day! I took this picture as we were getting ready for bed. See the popcorn ceiling? Another step to being almost done!

Tomorrow the sanders are supposed to come so we can get to painting! We only have a day and a half to finish painting so it’s going to be tight! The carpet in the new addition goes in on Thursday morning. Yippie!